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We completely gutted and renovated a triple decker building in Cambridge with Mattos Co. Mattos does almost everything with his own crew, and a few regular and trusted subcontractors. While he will do some small jobs, we really had a huge job and they handled everything. New basement with french drain, framing, blueboard, electrical, plumbing, lighting installation, paint, woodwork, roofing, etc.
We were extremely pleased. Their bid wasn’t the highest or lowest of the many we received, with many contractors shaking their heads at the difficult project as they left the troublesome building. Now it looks beautiful, and anytime we called Jel Mattos with a concern or change, he always said “No problem.” He has a great designer that he uses in-house which was invaluable. Mattos’ own cabinet shop is excellent and like the rest of the house, the quality was top-notch. The workers were always respectful of our neighbors, not too loud. We were lucky to have had Mattos!

Christopher Nicholson - Cambridge, MA

Complete kitchen gut job:
Removed two walls, New cabinets, countertops, flooring, Covered existing exterior door, Expanded window, Removed tile floor and replaced with hardwood, Installed large island.
New sunroom: Took existing 3-season porch and converted to new sunroom/dining room
Opened walls: New windows, New hardwood floor
New deck: Built beautifully designed, mahogany deck
Electrical service- Upgraded from 100 amp to 200 amp electrical service
Other- Built in custom desk and cabinets in new sitting area off kitchen

Usually, when people speak about home builders/contractors, you hear words like “overbudget, behind schedule, non responsive, unprofessional.” I’m happy to say that Jel and his team at Mattos Construction did not resemble any of those words. In fact, each time I described the project – with a smile – I constantly used the words “ahead of schedule, on budget, extremely responsive,” and “total professionals.” I will provide examples of each of those:
“On budget”Other than mutually agreed upon change orders: upgrade of electrical service, and upgrade quality of insulation, our project was exactly the dollar amount we planned when we first signed the contract five months prior to starting the work. In fact, each time we requested minor changes, it was hardly ever a discussion. We would mention it, Jel would think about it for about 30 seconds, and would respond with “No problem.” And that was that.
“Ahead of schedule”My father is an architect and was astonished at the speed with which Jel and his team were accomplishing the tasks – without a trade off of lower quality. Jel’s original estimate was 8-16 weeks, depending on what was discovered once they began opening up walls. We were able to move in and use the kitchen, and dining room by the middle of the 6th week. They completed the entire punchlist exactly 2 months to the date they started.
“Extremely Responsive” Each time I had a question, whether it was sent by email, cell phone, or text message, Jel and his team responded almost instantly. Other examples: When the port-a-potty began smelling a bit funky, one phone call to Jel that day and later the same afternoon, a truck from the port-a-potty company came to clean it out. Another example: After they finished sealing the deck, I noticed 3 of the boards were a different shade than the rest. The next day, I came home and they were stained and re-sealed.
“Total professionals”Every single member of the Mattos team that worked on our house – and I mean every single one – were the nicest, hardest working people. He had a specialist for every role required – not one or two people doing the whole thing: different people for demo and framing; plumbing; electrical; decking; cabinets; countertops; backsplash; flooring. Each day, the workers arrived between 7-7:30 am, and left around 5:30, leaving behind a broom-clean workspace. Our neighbors who stopped by were simply in awe at how clean they always left it.
The overall quality of their work was excellent. It is an entire team who are all obviously very proud of the job they do every day. The deck, without our input, was beautifully designed and crafted with quality materials and technique; the crown moulding; the design of the island; the specs for the cabinets. The folks at Mattos made the process as pleasant and worry free as could be expected with a major renovation effort such as this. We plan to use Mattos for a roofing and siding project next year, and he’s currently working on a major exterior brick restoration job at a 9-unit condo building in the South End.
Would I recommend him? Absolutely. I’d be more than happy to be a referral for him anytime.

David Nguyen - Newton, MA

Mattos completed our job in 2 phases to accommodate our needs. The first phase was to redesign and renovate our kitchen. The second phase was to turn existing non-usable space beside the kitchen into a great room.
Jel Mattos is truly an exceptional professional with an excemplary work ethic. My favorite words of his are “no problem” and “whatever you want”. In other words, he is upbeat and positive and wants the whole experience from estimate to finish to be free of stress and hassle. Jel’s crew are the most accommodating and polite workmen I have ever met. They obviously love their job and their boss. In addition, they are incredibly talented craftsmen. I have to mention “The Woodpecker” as he is so aptly named. He is Jel’s cabinet maker. All I had to do was to hand over a picture of a cabinet and a fireplace mantel that I liked, and he replicated it. Actually, not only did he replicate it, he improved upon it! Of course, I have to mention his painters. These guys are the most amazing painters I have ever seen. We have has lots of painters (our home is 150 years old and has 15 rooms so you can imagine the upkeep with paint we have had to do) and never have I seen prep work like this!! By the time these guys were done, there was not a crack, dent, spot, or spill or splatter to be seen anywhere! Did I mention that I gave them the wrong wall color? They had finished the job and I came home a little surprised that the room (20 x 16 x9ft) was not what I thought I gave them. They just laughed and did it over. “No problem” as they and Jel said. My fault and yet they insisted that they wanted to do it over (no charge, yet it was MY FAULT!!!) My next favorite moment was when it was 4 degrees in Feb and they came to work in a framed but unheated room that was 24 degrees. “No problem” they said. I honestly can say that I miss these guys! They were the nicest, happiest most incredible tradesmen I have ever met. Mattos Company is coming back next year to replace a massive wrap around porch on this old house in the spring. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

Elizabeth Walters - Melrose, MA

Mattos Co. performed all of the interior, exterior, rough-in and finish work for me on this 5700 s.f. home. Their work is exceptional, their workers are polite, punctual, highly skilled in their multiple disciplines and the overall experience was unlike any other in my 20+ yrs. of working with contractors. Their commitment doesn’t end when the job is complete nor when the final payment is made – Jel Mattos (the owner) is committed to complete customer satisfaction – regardless of whether the job is in progress or long-since completed. Would recommend without hesitation in the future and do recommend to my own clientele, on a regular basis.

Hope Beckman - Concord, MA

Full service general contracting for 10,000 sf wood frame building over concrete and steel foundation/ garage structure; 5 town house units (4 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath, 2 enclosed garage parking, forced air heating/ cooling
This referral is for Jel Mattos of Mattos Construction, Inc. a residential general contracting company with whom I had the pleasure of working with on a recent project.

This past year (2010-2011,) I completed my first job in the combined roles of Owner, Developer, and Architectural Designer. The project, called Spring Hill Place (www.myspringhillplace.com) was a tear down of an existing triple decker followed by the creation of 5 new construction townhouses in the Cambridge/ Somerville area of greater Boston. Although the market was stagnant, the project defied the economic downturn and all five units sold at or above full asking price within 3 weeks of being listed on the market. Jel Mattos’ involvement on my job was a critical factor in its success.

To fully appreciate Jel Mattos’ contribution, it is worth providing some general context. My original general contractor and loan proved to be unreliable, improperly staffed, and unable to handle the pace of construction and the level of quality indicated in my original signed contract. The project was substantially behind schedule following demolition and the completion of my building’s concrete and steel foundation.

At this point, Jel Mattos was brought on board. While technically, Mattos Construction was a sub-contracting entity to old company, Jel Mattos and his team essentially took over the project from the other company who in all critical respects, dropped out of the day to day handling of the job. While it eventually became clear to Mr. Mattos that other company had negligently underbid my job as well as not conveying to him the full scope of completing my project, Mattos Construction stayed through the remaining 8 months of construction and oversaw the building’s completion in a professional and positive manner.

In addition to the obvious professional expertise that he brings to the job, it is Jel Mattos’ character that really impresses- he loves his work, he has talent for his work, and clearly takes pride in doing a great job.

While my project was a fairly standard building type (urban townhouses,) and employed typical construction methods (wood frame over steel and concrete garage/ foundation,) the design standards of my job were extremely high particularly for a development. Jel Mattos understood this and was able to staff the job with an outstanding day to day project manager named Eric Kepeller who worked with the construction crew every day. In this role of on-site project manager, Mr. Kepeller maintained extremely high construction standards, diligently reviewed the architectural documents, and continuously communicated with me on a daily basis to insure that the project maximized all its design possibilities. The timely completion of the project, the high level of design resolution, and the extremely rapid sale of the final units were directly linked to Mattos Construction’s quality work.

I have already strongly referred Jel Mattos and his team to many other home owners, architects, and developers and am happy to recommend him for Angie’s List. For further confirmation of Mr. Mattos’ role, I would also encourage anyone to call Drew Colby, Esq. my construction attorney, and Kathryn Halley of Hammond Real Estate. Both Mr. Colby and Ms. Halley witnessed my project from beginning to end and I know they would be happy to recommend Mr. Mattos as well.

Howard Shen - Brookline, MA

They were outstanding! They were fantastic and gave me the best price for the project I needed. There is always somebody standing by in every type of job to be ready just in case something comes up. They have plenty of people on staff or so that the job doesn’t get held up on something. The entire crew was incredibly nice and personable and the quality of the work was excellent. I could get in touch with him instantly and if I didn’t get in touch with him he was very good about getting back in touch with me within five minutes

Adele Rothman - Hyde Park, MA

Fabrication of a custom cabinet with arched raised panels, and shelves for my bathroom
I did not realize initially that Jel was a general contractor, who typically does multi thousand dollar jobs.Despite the much smaller nature of the work I needed done, Jel immediately accepted to do it.When every other woodworking shop I contacted gave me a pricetage of $1000+ and 2-3 weeks lead times, Jel proposed a very competitive price and a 3-day delivery!When his driver showed up with the cabinet and shelves, I noticed there was a problem with the shelves: I called Jel, and he had his shop redo them, and delivered them the next day.The cabinet looks fantastic.In short, excellent quality, best price, very responsive and professional company, will definitely use them again!

Fred - Brookline, MA

I used Mattos Co for finishing my basement and for some renovation and remodeling. They replaced my windows and installed new flooring. They finished my walls and designed custom cabinets. They also did electrical and painting work.
They were timely, extremely courteous and responsive. They were very flexible and accommodating with the schedules. They did excellent work and provided an unsurpassed value to the entire project. The whole project went smoothly and it was a pleasure to work with them. I would highly recommend them.

Lisa Weinman - Newton, MA

We had our kitchen completely remodeled, hardwood flooring installed on the first floor. We had a custom built-in media cabinet installed in the living room and had all of our walls and trim painted (the living room, dining room, kitchen and hallways). We also had crown molding installed throughout.
We had the designer work with us through the early project phases, making recommendations on layout and later color selections for cabinets, granite counter tops and back splash. He also steered us in the right direction for suppliers of tile, plumbing fixtures and lighting. Once the project was underway, the only hiccups we had were due to communication breakdowns. I suspect that is a common element to all renovations. In the end, the work was beautifully done, it was completed ahead of schedule and at the promised price. Every time we made a request for a slight change (type of cabinet closing, for example), it was done without question. All of the workers were very polite and friendly, and they all seem to enjoy their work. Most importantly, they each take great pride in their work product. We were SO pleased, we’ve extended the remodeling to include our 2-1/2 baths. I give them an A++, and have already recommended them to neighbors and friends.

Sandy Stark - Watertown, MA

The quote from Mattos at first seems a little high, but we decided to select them out of several quotes. The workers were on time, courteous, and professional. They didn’t cut any corners on the preparation work, which is the bulk of a painting job. They removed 40 year old wallpaper from 84 year old walls and wood trim, and did a wonderful job making them look new and updated. I work from home, and the workers were courteous and tried to impact my work as little as possible. The workers also cleaned up after themselves everyday before leaving. When the painting job were completed, they did a great job putting things back – door knobs, fixtures, stairway railing. Considering the amount and quality of care of their work on this project, Iwould now say that their quote was a good deal. We are so satisfied, we plan on using Mattos for other work as well.

Michele Baillie - Marblehead, MA
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